Periódico de Atapuerca Newspaper

Periódico de Atapuerca is the Foundation’s main publication. The first issue was released in July 2011 as an outreach project for the Atapuerca Research Team (ART), in collaboration with Mahou-San Miguel and the Diario de Burgos newspaper. Nine of the monthly issues are published in digital format and three are printed on paper. The contents, focused on the Atapuerca sites and research into human evolution, have an educational yet scientifically rigorous style. Ignacio Martínez is the scientific coordinator of the newspaper, in conjunction with science editors Marina Mosquera, Nohemi Sala and Davinia Moreno, all members of the Atapuerca Research Team. Periódico de Atapuerca includes a page in English and easy-to-read texts adapted by ASPANIAS.

Periódico de Atapuerca can be read or downloaded here.

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