Site Access Centre (CAYAC)

CAYAC is one of the gathering points for visitors and the departure point for the shuttle buses to the sites. It is 15 km from Burgos, just past the eastern edge of Ibeas of Juarros, Km 97 on the N-120 highway when driving from Burgos towards Logroño. Alternatively, turn off the A-1 highway at the sign to Atapuerca (Km 253), continue along BU-V-7012, past Santovenia de Oca to the N-120, and turn right towards Burgos. CAYAC is just before Ibeas de Juarros.

CAYAC has a permanent exhibition, “Sierra de Atapuerca, natural and cultural heritage”. At the entrance, there is a model of the Sierra de Atapuerca range, and in the basement there is an exhibition about the mining railway line.