Information about Ibeas de Juarros

By Ibeas de Juarros Municipal Council

Ibeas de Juarros is in Burgos province, just 12 km east of the capital.

There are eight hamlets in the municipality in addition to the town: Cueva de Juarros, Cuzcurrita de Juarros, Espinosa de Juarros, Modúbar de San Cibrián, Mozoncillo de Juarros, Salgüero de Juarros, San Millán and Santa Cruz de Juarros.


The history of Ibeas probably dates back more than 11 centuries, although it was first mention in documents in 921 AD. The township was founded in the historic and ideological context of the "Spanish Reconquest". The consolidation of the city and castle of Burgos in 884 AD allowed the lands in the Upper Arlanzón area to be recovered and repopulated.

Over time, the population and the attractions of Ibeas de Juarros have been consolidated, and in recent years it has become a local point of reference.

Tourism and Gastronomy

Ibeas de Juarros has world-class historic points of interest waiting for visitors to discover, including the UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Sierra de Atapuerca.

The church of San Martin, linked to St. James Way, is a late 15th century temple with a late Gothic style.

Another landmark is the Stone Cross (Cruz de Canto), identified as a sculpture that marked the boundary between the ancient Kingdom of Navarra and the Kingdom of Castile.

The Lookout, across the river to the south of the town, is an ideal place to admire views of the village and the nearby Sierra de Atapuerca.

The end of a cultural tour is a good time to enjoy the Ibeas cuisine, including the famous local legume dish, "Alubias de Ibeas", a delicious locally-grown strain of beans.

Several footpaths and cycling trails cross the municipality and its surroundings, including the greenway along the former Demanda railway line, the Mine Trail, the Springs Route and the GR-82 long-distance footpath, not to mention St. James Way, which runs through the municipality.

Visitors can also explore Modúbar de San Cibrian on the El Cid Trail, which commemorates the exile of the great hero from nearby Vivar.

Fairs and festivities

The festivities in Ibeas in honour of its patron saint, St. Michael Archangel, are on 29 September.

Ibeas also hosts the “Evolución Festival” in July and the “Bean Fair” in November.

A sheep shearing festival is held in Salgüero de Juarros, where shearers from all over the country gather in the second week of July to compare their skills and speed.


A range of education, health and other recreational and cultural services are provided in Ibeas, including sports facilities, a library, a civic centre, a telecentre, a music school, social services and a medical clinic.