National Human Evolution Research Centre (CENIEH)

The National Human Evolution Research Centre (CENIEH), opened in March 2004, is in Burgos city. Since July 2009, it is one of the three buildings that form the Human Evolution Complex. The current director is Dr. María Martinón-Torres.

The CENIEH is a leading scientific and technical facility with cutting edge technological equipment and expert staff that are available to the scientific, academic and business community in Spain and abroad. Its main research focus is Late Neogene and Quaternary human evolution, with five major programmes: economic and spatial archaeology, geoarchaeology, geochronology, hominid palaeobiology and prehistoric technology. The CENIEH is responsible for recording, preserving, restoring and managing the collections of palaeontological and archaeological material from the Sierra de Atapuerca sites and others in Spain and abroad with similar profiles, under Memoranda of Understanding (MoU).

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